Top Five Tips for VR Porn Fans

Virtual Reality Porn is the new black in terms of adult entertainment and movies. Since this technology was represented in the sphere of entertainment and video, porn industry also took the effort to adopt it for its own development. Today, there are a lot of fans of the virtual reality porn, and numerous new people each day join this community.

VR porn provides several benefits that usual porn movies obviously lack. It offers high-quality image and sound, it creates a realistic illusion of being present inside the scene and removes all the distractions that are present while watching a usual porn movie on one’s laptop or a tablet. However, in order to get a really exciting experience, the porn movie lover has to follow the top five recommendations from the VR experts. read more

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How Porn Stars Started Their Porn Career

There are rumors about some well-known and adored Hollywood actors who supposedly (or it has already been proved) started their career as porn actors. This seems rather surprising, but most of such stories state that these people desperately needed money at that time, which excuses the decision.

However, there are hundreds of porn actors and actresses who entered the industry on purpose, earn decent money working in it, and demonstrate no intention to change their job unless they are not able to make more movies, physically, with age, or unless they grow tired of it. It is interesting to find out how these people actually entered the business of sex videos. read more

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Is It Possible to Watch Hentai on VR Devices?

After virtual reality was introduced, porn companies were looking forward to adopting the technology to their industries in order to offer their clients new exciting and exclusive experience. VR porn quickly became a favorite among the viewers, and hundreds of people started to buy year-long subscriptions on the websites that offered virtual reality porn movies. Some porn shooting companies even decided to change their strategy altogether and focused on producing solely virtual reality videos. read more

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The Most Popular Genres in the Porn Industry

Porn industry shoots movies on an impressive list of genres and subcategories. Today, the competition in the industry is so high, the demand of the users is so elaborate, and there are so many preferences and possibilities, that each porn movie company tries to attract as much target audience as it is possible. Each studio and website take the effort to make each user’s experience very personalized, and to satisfy even the slightest nuances of the potential viewer’s desire. That is why there are so many genres of porn movies. Let’s discuss the most popular among them. read more

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The Most Well-Paid Porn Actresses

In the US, porn is a legal industry, and although some average people do not believe it is true, directors and actors of this industry enjoy popularity among fans and respect among colleagues. What is even more important that, due to huge finances these industries operate (including huge taxes they pay to the government), actors and actresses are paid quite a decent money. Let’s talk about the top five the most well-paid actresses in the American porn industry.

Jenna Jameson ($30.000.000) read more

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